Decorative stainless steel sheets

  • Stainless steel perforated sheets(0.3mm-8mm)

    Stainless steel perforated sheets(0.3mm-8mm)

    Grade:   304 304L 304DQ 316 316L 201 202

    301 310s 430 410s 409 409L 444 441 2205 2507

    Thickness:  0.3mm – 8.0mm

    Width: 100mm – 2000mm

    Length: 500mm – 6000mm

    Pallet weight: 25MT

    Finish: 2B,2D

  • colored stainless steel sheets

    colored stainless steel sheets

    The new material colored stainless steel sheet is made by chemical treatment on the stainless steel surface. The main products are color stainless steel sheet board and stainless steel decorative sheet. Colored stainless steel carries out technical and artistic processing on the stainless steel sheet, making it be stainless steel decorative sheet with a variety of colors on the surface.

  • polished stainless steel sheets

    polished stainless steel sheets

    Stainless Steel Sheets are produced in a large number of quality grades that depend on the use of the product. A Large stock is available for different grades of steel. 1.4031/1.4037 (304/304L) are the most commonly available and most frequently used steel grade for polished stainless steel sheets. Stainless Steel Sheets are also made in a variety of finishes due to their large number of application options. Some common finishes that are popular in the market are 2B, #3 polish stainless steel sheets, #4 polished stainless steel sheets and #8 Mirror Finish. The most commonly used finish for polished stainless steel sheets is the #4.

  • etched stainless steel sheets

    etched stainless steel sheets

    Stainless steel etching plate is in the stainless steel surface through the chemical method, corrosion out of a variety of patterns.With 8K mirror plate, wiredrawing plate, sandblasting plate as the bottom plate, after the etching treatment, the surface of the object for further processing, stainless steel etching plate can carry out local and grain, drawing, inset gold, local titanium gold and other complex processing, stainless steel etching plate to achieve the pattern light and dark and colorful effect.

  • embossed stainless steel sheets

    embossed stainless steel sheets

    Embossing basically means creating some kinds of designs, impressions or patterns on another surface like paper, cloth, metal or even leather. Embossed stainless steel sheets are majorly made of perforated metal and are used in many fields especially in high traffic areas. The production process of these sheets involves rolling of different patterns into the sheets. Some of the most popular patterns that you can seek for are rough sawn cedar, wood grain, leather grain, weather grain, and stucco.