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Wholesale 3mm Stainless Steel Plate Factory - 316L 316 Hot rolled stainless steel plate – Huaxiao Detail:

Sino Stainless Steel Capacity about 316L 316 Hot rolled stainless steel plate, 316 316L HRP,PMP

Thickness: 1.2mm – 16mm

Width: 600mm – 2000mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip products

Length: 500mm-6000mm

Pallet weight: 0.5MT-3.0MT

Finish: NO.1, 1D, 2D, #1, hot rolled finished, black, Anneal and pickling, mill finish

316 Same grade from different country standard

06Cr17Ni12Mo2  0Cr17Ni12Mo2  S31600  SUS316  1.4401

316 Chemical component  ASTM A240 :

C≤0.08 Si 0.75  Mn ≤2.0 S ≤0.03 P ≤0.045, Cr 16.018.0 Ni 10.014.0

Mo: 2.0-3.0, N≤0.1

316 mechanical property  ASTM A240 :

Tensile strength :  > 515 Mpa

Yield Strength :  >205 Mpa

Elongation (%):  > 40%

Hardness: < HRB95

316L Same grade from different country standard

1.4404  022Cr17Ni12Mo2  00Cr17Ni14Mo2  S31603  SUS316L

316L Chemical Component  ASTM A240 :

C≤0.0Si 0.75  Mn ≤2.0 S ≤0.03 P ≤0.045, Cr 16.018.0 Ni 10.014.0

Mo: 2.0-3.0, N≤0.1

316L Mechanical Property  ASTM A240 :

Tensile strength :  > 485 Mpa

Yield Strength :  >170 Mpa

Elongation (%):  > 40%

Hardness: < HRB95

Comparison 316L/316 and 304 stainless steel Application

304 steel can resist corrosion of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, urea, etc. It is suitable for general water use, and it is used to control gas, wine, milk, CIP cleaning liquid and other occasions with little or no contact with materials. The 316L steel grade has added molybdenum element on the basis of 304, which can significantly improve its resistance to intergranular corrosion, oxide stress corrosion and reduce the hot cracking tendency during welding, and it also has good resistance to chloride corrosion. Commonly used in pure water, distilled water, medicines, sauces, vinegar and other occasions with high hygiene requirements and strong media corrosion. The price of 316L is almost double that of 304. The mechanical property 304 is better than 316L. Because of the corrosion resistance and excellent heat resistance of 304 and 316, it is widely used as stainless steel. The strength and hardness of 304, 316 are similar. The difference between the two is that the corrosion resistance of 316 is much better than that of 304. The more important point is that molybdenum metal is added to 316, which has improved heat resistance.

We can use electroplating or oxidation-resistant metals to ensure the carbon steel surface, but this protection is only a film. If the protective layer is destroyed, the underlying steel begins to rust. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the chromium element. When the amount of chromium added reaches 10.5%, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of stainless steel will increase significantly, but if the chromium content is higher, although it can improve certain corrosion resistance. But not obvious. The reason is that this treatment changes the type of surface oxide to a surface oxide similar to that formed on pure chrome metal, but this oxide layer is very thin, and it can directly see the natural luster of the steel surface. To make stainless steel have a unique surface. Moreover, if the surface is destroyed, the exposed steel surface will react with the atmosphere. This process is actually a self-repairing process, which re-forms the passivation film and can continue to protect. Therefore, all stainless steels have a common characteristic, that is, the chromium content is above 10.5%, and the preferred steel grade also contains nickel, such as 304. The addition of molybdenum further improves atmospheric corrosivity, especially against chloride-containing atmospheres, which is the case with 316.

In some industrial areas and coastal areas, the pollution is very serious, the surface will be dirty, and even rust has already occurred. However, if nickel-containing stainless steel is used, the aesthetic effect in an outdoor environment can be obtained. Therefore, our common curtain wall, side wall and roof are selected from 304 stainless steel, but in some aggressive industrial or marine atmospheres, 316 stainless steel is a good choice.

304 18cr-8ni-0.08c Good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and processability, resistant to aerobic acid, can be stamped, can be used to make containers, tableware, metal furniture, building decoration, and medical equipment

316 18cr-12ni-2.5Mo is more common in seaside construction, ships, nuclear electrochemistry and food equipment. It not only improves the corrosion resistance of chemical hydrochloric acid and the ocean, but also improves the corrosion resistance of brine halogen solution.

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Wholesale 3mm Stainless Steel Plate Factory - 316L 316 Hot rolled stainless steel plate – Huaxiao detail pictures

Wholesale 3mm Stainless Steel Plate Factory - 316L 316 Hot rolled stainless steel plate – Huaxiao detail pictures

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